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Written and posted: September 18th, 1998  

To my web site viewers:

I try (sometimes without success), to live by every thought I've presented here in this site. I try (sometimes without success), to avoid doing things that would irritate, embarrass or compromise others. Most of the site is about subjects that have influenced my life and the lives of those around me.

Watching and listening is how I picked up the topics and ideas that generated all the statements, questions, facts, theories and what to do and not to do in social situations. Most of the business ethics and attitudes were learned during my time at Miami Lincoln Mercury and while I lived on Key Biscayne with many influential and financially successful people. I doubt that they know it, but they taught me how to be successful.

Sometimes it was by imitating their actions and sometimes it was by learning what not to do.  You have to be honest with yourself about what you are doing.  It's much easier to fool oneself than anyone else.  Also, Dale Carnegie Courses deserve a great deal of credit for my success. They made me aware of the importance of a good attitude.

I learned: if you want success you have to be around successful people. Certainly, that has been proven in my case.

My first experience in how to achieve success was when I worked at Aaron Heitin Lincoln Mercury in Worcester in my late teens.  I spent a lot of time with Mr. Heitin and the managers of the dealership both at work and socially. They made me want to be successful and gave me guidance. They taught me that one should always consider the source when taking advice. Throughout my life I've seen so many people take advice from losers. What a shame! If you want help to make the right decisions in life look to someone who is extremely successful in that area and ask them for advice. Don't ask your friend who is in the same boat as you and especially don't take advice from someone who might be jealous. Always consider the source of everything you hear. Always!

Don't get the idea that I think I'm perfect -- not at all.  However, I do recognize my faults and never think that it's the rest of the world dumping on me.  I'm where I am in life because of me--my decisions and actions--no one else's.  You are too!  When I fail at something--the blame falls here, nowhere else.  It totally amazes me how many people can't take responsibility for their own actions.  They have to put the blame elsewhere.  They have more excuses than a barroom loser and they think the other person is stupid enough to believe them. They may get humored, but seldom believed.

Enough about my philosophy! I hope you enjoyed my web site as much as I enjoyed learning how to produce it. Constantly there will be additions and improvements as I learn and add new experiences.

Joe Bottieri, Jr.        


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