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Affirmative action = equal opportunity = success = what minorities want. WRONG!

What minorities really want is EQUAL OUTCOME. Equal outcome without the required effort.

Every citizen and legal alien in this country has equal opportunity; our civil rights guarantee that. However, the laws cannot (and should not attempt to), guarantee equal outcome. Equal outcome is never guaranteed, even with equal effort. Sometimes it takes more effort from one person to accomplish the goal, than it takes another.

Without exception, the required effort must be applied if the goal is to be reached. Affirmative action is a sly plan to get equal outcome without effort in the name of equal opportunity. It totally screws the hard working capable citizen who doesn't fall within the legal description of a minority. That just isn't fair.

You want it -- work for it!.

UPDATE  (Circa 2010)

I recently got into a debate with a lady of color who is all for affirmative action.  Here is my response to her comments.

To give an opportunity based on a persons race has an equal and opposite action of not giving the same opportunity to the most qualified, that's discrimination. Not using the most qualified people in a given job is cause for the diminished quality of workmanship we have seen in this country. Why would a person do their best if they know either: they are going to get the promotion based on their color - or - they can't get the promotion based on their color? Where's the incentive to excel? Is that what blacks want - to know that they will get the promotion, job, contract, etc. based on their color? If so, then I am exactly correct - what is wanted is equal outcome without the effort.

To continually look for special treatment because of something that happened to someone else historically, just because that someone else happened to be of the same color, religion, or whatever, is nothing more than an excuse for laziness. As you stated, 30 years ago blacks didn't have the same treatment as whites. I don't disagree with that statement, but however, it did not stop those who were determined to excel through education and hard work. The same kind of hard work and effort that I had to apply in order to be successful. I know! I worked with many - lived with many, and had many as my very best friends. However, this is not 30 years ago and today each and every individual cannot and should not blame history for their own failing, laziness, lack of ambition, etc. Nor should they expect to be treated any differently than anyone else. After all isn't that what it was all about - getting equality, being treated equally.

Affirmative action is not equal treatment, IT IS FAVORITISM.  There is no reason why anyone who works hard and is qualified for a job, shouldn't get it. Are we to punish all white people for something that the blacks did to blacks? Remember, it was blacks who sold their own into slavery - not whites. I don't mean to imply that it was okay for the whites to buy them, but slavery wouldn't have happened in the first place if the blacks hadn't sold their own neighbors.

I truly believe that everybody should be treated fairly and equally. Affirmative action is not equality. Anyone can "make it" in this country if they are willing to put forth the effort. Equal opportunity, equal rights - yes, and they're there if you make use of them. Opportunity has to be found - one has to look for it. What I sense is the black populous wants opportunity handed to them. That's a desire for equal outcome without effort. That certainly wouldn't be EQUAL opportunity.

Thanks for writing. I don't expect everyone to agree with me. My web site is where I voice my opinions. There is no doubt that I am 'right on the money' with most of them. I lived by those mottoes and thoughts, and came from a very poor family and neighborhood - without an education. I worked hard and smart, used my head, was the first employee in, and the last one to go home. No one ever had to tell me what to do - I looked for what needed to be done and did it. How many people do you know who work like that? Some should try it and see what happens. Remember - attitude is everything! It controls our destiny. Think negatively about your future based on the past and you'll get nowhere, but think positively and there's no stopping you.

Further I followed with another response.

The opportunities are there - the qualifications all too often are not. When there are more blacks who come from normal families who's parents work to take care of, and supply their children with educations, there will be more success among blacks. Affirmative action is exactly what I stated it is, it gives lesser or unqualified people jobs and/or positions, based on their race or ethnic background. (I've watched it in Florida for 20 years, within the Miami police department and other municipal agencies.) What your asking is for the government to step in and assure minorities the successful grasp of opportunities. Success should be on the back of the parents. You've proved it yourself - if the parents works hard the children will have qualifications necessary to enjoy the opportunities that are out there. It is not society's responsibility to assure anyone will achieve success - it's up to the individual. Society is not restricting anyone access to that opportunity any longer, and although it did exist in the past, it was never nationwide and it was not exclusive to blacks. Yet, you believe that a nationwide program such as affirmative action is necessary in order for blacks to be successful. That's not saying much for their personal abilities.

It is not the minority who comes from a normal family environment who has a hard time getting ahead. It's the minority who comes from the other end of the spectrum. Here's something else you might not like reading. Slums are not built - they are created by the residents. Reputations are not assigned - they are earned. How to get out of the ghetto - study, get qualified for a job, and work when you get it.

This country wasn't built on the backs of the black race. (Like you state.) The Chinese and Italians worked harder and more like animals than any other group. Yet, they didn't get or need special treatment to become successful - they worked for it. The Jews were slaughtered and repressed, but most are successful - they work for it. Jews, Italians and Chinese were treated poorly and in many cases worse than black slaves. They made their own success by working for it and they don't have ass holes like Sharpton and Jackson running around telling them 'the world owes you a living'. (Not all slaves were treated in the manner that the word implies.)

Your parents proved that opportunities are there, and so have you. That's the message all minorities need to hear. Affirmative action is a crutch for people who are too lazy to make it on their own.

Thanks for the debate. It's been fun! You sound very intelligent, but you are letting your background lead your thinking. If you look at affirmative action as an outsider (neither black, white, or minority), it is impossible to see it as equal opportunity. If you add all the minorities that affirmative is intended to help, the group as a whole makes up the majority of the US population. The minorities in this country are the majority. They could control everything - if they would just get off their butts and get to work - take action within their lives instead of looking for a easy way out. Those people who don't, regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, are looking for equal outcome without the effort.


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