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Democracy vs: PC democracy

Normally the majority rules (makes the decisions) in everything.

In a politically correct society the minority rules (they control the decision making).

When being politically correct is the focus, very few of the population are in control. A minuscule number of people control the decisions of businesses, politicians, schools and governments.  That’s because it’s very few who make the noise.

Those who are not offended - those who make no noise are ignored.  It doesn’t matter that they outnumber the PC people by 500,000 to 1. Their silent vote doesn’t count.

Unless there is a civil war where the vast majority stands up to be counted, a very very small number of people will continue to run this country into the ground for their own personal satisfaction. Take a close look at faces of those protesting and you'll see why they should be ignored completely.

Businesses get scared to death and cut advertising rather than upset the small group of idiots who have nothing to do but instigate trouble while they collect government assistance.  Same thing with politicians, they run scared. They take direction from the noise-makers and ignore those who take the opposite side by being silent. What we end up with is nasty people controlling your life.

For example: Gun control! A few people out protesting for removal of the 2nd ammendment and the Democrats want to take guns out of the hands of all citizens.  How about the majority of people who are satisfied with the 2nd ammendment who are not out protesting? Seems like they don't count.  

It's the same with illegal immigrtation. For the most part, the protesters should recuse themselves for obvious reasons - they are the illegals.

We of course, are a Republic, but the same applies.

Joe Bottieri


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