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Ear Cropping & Tail Docking Dogs


Ear cropping is a painful, disfiguring process for dogs, it is a senseless surgery. Ear cropping and tail docking in dogs for cosmetic reasons are neither medically indicated of benefit to the patient. These procedures are accompanied by inherent risks of anesthesia, blood loss, and infection. Ear cropping is a cruel process that has to be stopped! It is ridiculous to perform medically unnecessary ear cropping procedures that simply perpetuate the image that dogs are fashion accessories.


Many dogs have gone absolutely head crazy and developed lifelong seizures, or excessive sensitivity to touches anywhere on their body after ear cropping.

After ear cropping, dogs suffer from a phantom pain around the scars until the end of their life which can cause serious behavioral problems.

In this 21st century, ear cropping of dogs is no longer necessary and is at the present a matter of human ego status seeking. If ears are too large, too heavy, too inadequately placed on a head, it should not suffice to be able to just crop ears half off and then state, "Now we have a show dog. Oh, how ridiculous!"

Ear cropping and tail docking is not a proof of love! It's just plain cruel!

Ear cropping is not being taught in most of the veterinary colleges. The majority of those vets who do crop do a horrible job! Far worse are those owners of puppy mills who just whack off ears and tails on baby puppies. These results fill pet shops! It's sad and disgusting!


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