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How dogs and cats can get cancer they normally wouldn’t have gotten

THINK: Your pet cleans their feet by licking and is ingesting whatever is on them and their feet and legs absorb chemicals they walk on.

     1.     Household chemicals: washing your floors with detergents, soap or any commercially bought chemicals will eventually harm your pet.

All these products contain Carcinogens.

The safest way to clean anything your pet, yourself and your children come in contact is with STEAM. It’s safe for everyone and the environment and it’s extremely inexpensive.

     2.     Carpet cleaning: Chemicals used for cleaning carpets are just as bad and consider that you let your kids also play in those chemicals.

     3.     Wet mop products are awful. They leave a coating of chemicals on the floor. Your kids as well as your pets also walk barefooted on those chemicals.

     4.     Lawn and shrub fertilizer as well as insect control chemicals contain carcinogens. Your pet picks them up and then licks them off his feet and absorbs them through their foot pads.  Keep pets away from yard chemicals.

     5.     Weed killers also contain carcinogens and the really bad thing about this one is for some reason it attracts dogs to stick their nose in it and then lay down and rub in it. The other day I saw a dog just rolling around in the grass while his owner was busy talking with someone. Right there less than five feet away was a small sign notifying people that the yard had just been sprayed with chemicals.  Good grief people – PAY ATTENTION – protect you pet – they don’t know any better!

Keep your pets off and out of areas you don’t control.  Walking your pet and letting him/her walk on private or public grass is asking for trouble. If you take your dog to a dog park, find out if it’s totally safe and chemical free.

Look out for your pets. Love and protect them from harm. They don’t know about these things that can hurt them any more that a very young child would. They are children of sorts for their entire life. Help them live long and healthy. Don’t be responsible for them having to suffer from cancer and then a painful premature death. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SAFE CHEMICAL WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR PET or CHILD.

Chemicals (fertilizer, weed and insect) applied on lawns are supposed to be washed in with a minimum 30 minutes of rain or irrigation THEN allowed to dry before they are safe for pets. No lawn or pest control company I know of follows that requirement for safety.

White vinegar and/or salt is a safe weed killer. It’s a little slow, but it works and is very cheap by the gallon.

Consider using granular products that drop down into the lawn below where you pet might make contact with it.  It too, requires a 30 minute wash-in. Remember to blow or sweep off any granolas that land on the walkways. Otherwise, the water will activate them and contaminate the surfaces with concentrated chemicals.  Use a drop spreader to avoid putting chemicals where they shouldn’t be.

Pets and Cancer

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