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Animal Abuse

It's happening to your pet and you're condoning it.

Worse than that, you're paying your vet to abuse the poor animal.

For years vets have been re-vaccinating pets annually.  When you think about it; that doesn't sound right. Vaccinations for the most part last a lifetime in humans.  We are mammals and so are dogs and cats.  So, I got to thinking, maybe this is a scam at the expense of the animals and of course the pet's owners.  Possibly, animal abuse just to fatten the vets bank account.  For years I've believed that most vets are in it for the money first.  They probably cared more about the animals when they chose the vocation, but soon learned they could make a killing if they just sold, sold, sold unnecessary medications and medical procedures. (Tooth pulling is one that I'll talk about some other time.)

The Internets is the best encyclopedia ever.  If a person wants to research anything, with the use of the search engines, up pops an abundance of information to look over.  I did that on pet annual shots, annual pet vaccinations, etc.  Wow!  Just as I suspected, annual re-vaccinations are not only unnecessary, they actually can do serious harm to the animal.  Do you think your vet knows that?  You bet he/she does, and do you think they care if they are hurting the animal? Not as much as they care about the money they make, even if it is hurting the pet. How can they be so cruel as to harm a poor defenseless animal who is there for help and care of the trusted vet?

The research states with the exception of rabies which are required by state law every three years, annual shots are not required.  After the initial vaccinations after birth, only if the animal's expected exposure will extreme and sustained conditions are any of the vaccinations required after that. Under extreme and sustained conditions still, never more often than every three years. Don't take my word for it do the research.

Here are links to the research that provesit. Vets put money before your pet's well being. My thought about vets is this: Find a vet that tells you annual shots are not needed and you'll have found one who really cares about the health of your animal.





And the one that backs up all the others is this one below. It proves that animals do NOT need annual re-vaccination.  It's all a vet scam for money.


When you do take your pet in for shots make sure the vet draws the liquid in front of you and ask to see the bottle so you can read the label to see if it's what he claims it is, and also that its not outdated.  I don't trust most of them.  The vet could be using saline solution since he/she knows the animal doesn't need a vaccination shot, and charging you for meds.

Joe Bottieri


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