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So, you took your pet to the vet for teeth cleaning.  That’s great, but now that the dog is under anesthesia your vet tells you they just found a problem - there’s tooth that needs to be extracted.  You like a good pet parent, want to do what’s right by the pet and accept that the vet is telling you the truth.  You agree to the extra charge and your pet loses a tooth.  

NOT SO FAST: this is another vet scam to increase their cash flow.  The vet knows you are at their mercy. The animal is under and in the middle of a tooth cleaning.  It’s impossible to get a 2nd opinion without putting the dog to sleep again.  Gotcha!  Another vet who is more interested in his wallet than the well being of the animal.

How do I know this?  I listen and I’m not gullible.  I once had a vet who I thought was a good caring person. Someone who was taking care of my dog. Once day she came into the exam room with a dog tooth she had just extracted that morning.  Happily bragging about pulling it, telling me she likes to pull teeth  I thought; how odd, happy to pull a K9's tooth.  She will never do a dental on my pets.

A couple years later another dog of our went in for a dental cleaning (with no apparent problems) and the vet (a different one this time) pulled that same thing on the pet's mommy. She let him pull the tooth, she trusted him.  My guess is that it didn’t need pulling, but it padded the dental procedure price by 50% or more.

I wonder how many times a day that goes on in every vet office in the country.  Just imaging how much they increase their daily sales with unscrupulous procedures, at the animals expense and your wallet.

This is animal abuse just as the annual-shots scam where they inject harmful unnecessary chemicals into your pet for money.  Imagine, at a $100 or so each, if they can do that 10 times a day you can see why they don’t really give a crap about the animals.  It’s money first and who cares if the animal gets sick and suffers. You’ll just take it back there and pay them to try and fix the problem they caused. Meanwhile, the animal suffers and loses years of lifetime.

I don't trust many of them to do what's in the best interest of the animal.

Joe Bottieri


Adopting one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.

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