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Today I went to COSTCO.

(In case some of you don't know what COSTCO is, it's a membership discount store; like BJ's and Sam's Wholesale Club.)

In order to get in you must show your membership card. Outside the door is an area where you can get a shopping basket prior to entering the store. As I approached the door with my shopping basket, two woman with no less than 5 children rolled two baskets into the entranceway and stopped (blocking the entire very large, entrance way), to go through their purses looking for their membership cards. Of course, they wouldn't think of moving themselves, their baskets, or their entourage out of the way. The world is theirs and everyone else must wait.

Now I ask you! What the hell were they thinking? Are they stupid, rude, or just plain unconscious? Doesn't it make sense to have your card out ready for inspection before you get to the checkpoint? This is an extremely busy place. Do they get a thrill from blocking the entrance and holding everybody else up in line?  No -- I think they are totally oblivious to the fact that there are other people in the world that aren't as stupid, rude, and self-centered as they are.

These are the same dumb women that never have their wallet out or a check pre-written when the get to the grocery store cashier. The same rude bastards that get in the CASH ONLY EXPRESS lane with too many items, and then pay by check.  Good grief! Then they have to go on an Exploration Mission to find their check guarantee card (a requirement here in Tucson).  You might just as well have lunch while waiting in line behind them.

Yes!  You have a right to shop there and be waited on like anybody else.  Get it?  Like anybody else, not like you're the only person the store was built for.   Where's your manners?

It Happened Again!

My continuing saga about rude, self-centered people.            

Again I was shopping at Costco (you can see that I like that store), and wouldn't you know it – right there blocking the aisle and access to the photo pickup area, was a woman, her basket, and her kid. You guessed it!; they had just retrieved their developed photos and were going through them one-by-one right there where they stopped to pull them from the bin. Do you think this dumb woman could have the sense if not the manners, to move here cart from blocking the aisle along with herself, the kid and the package of photos? Not a chance! She's the only shopper in the world and that six square feet belong to her for as long as she likes. After all, she bought it when she spent $5.00 to have a film developed.

Later, I found her at one of the sample food venders. Guess where she parked her cart while her and the kid tried a free sample. You guessed it again!; right in the middle of the aisle.

Now I wonder, does she have any brains at all? Guess what kind of up-bringing the kid is getting. One rude woman training her daughter to grow up to be a rude woman. I'd have bet a hundred bucks she doesn't have a husband and is still trying to figure out how chew gum and walk at the same time. They give people like this a right to operate a vehicle on the public roads?????????

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