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Agnostic - a skeptic (a person who neither believes or disbelieves in God) I don't know if there is or isn't a god and feel completely indifferent on the matter.  However, I'd change my opinion if anyone could logically answer and prove without a doubt one of the following questions.

There is only one unanswered question in the theory of evolution.  How did it all start?

Then again there is one unanswered question in the theory of creation. Where did God come from?  

That being stated -- here's my reasoning.

If there is a god and he/she/it created everything from nothing, why then doesn't he/she/it get blamed for everything?  

Why do people credit god with the good and the devil with the bad?  If there is a devil, didn't god create it?   (Whatever it's supposed to be.)  Does he not have the power to eliminate it, or did god lose his power and he isn't the god he used to be?  If so, why would you worship him? (The gender used in this writing is for convenience.)

If god is the father of everyone, why does he do so much harm?    Would you give your child crippling diseases, birth defects, sickness, etc. just for the fun of it?   ..to test their devotion? No, of course not, no parent could do that!  No one could do that to anyone they loved.

Did you have children so they could worship you?  Would any parent?   How then can one believe this is what a god would do to, or want from, his children?

Why would a god create flies, mosquitoes, diseases, accidents, etc.?   Would you do that to your children whom you love so much?  There's no logic to any answer in this area.

Why would he design any living creature that required killing another creature to survive?  Could you watch one of your children butcher another to eat?    Certainly there was no need for a god to create creatures that need fuel. Did god not have the technology to build a perpetual living machine?

Why does any living thing have to die?  Is the universe too small to house them?  Can't he make it larger to accommodate increases in population of all living things?  Why didn't he just stop making when he ran out of room?  Were his creative abilities limited?  Didn't he have the ability to think ahead on this and other matters?  It all makes no sense.  The entire system reeks with stupidity.  If there is a god - could he have made so many mistakes?  Not according to those who believe.  Is it the believers who are making the mistake?

If heaven is a place where so many people want to go to after death, why then do they not know what it is or what they'll do there for eternity?  Would it be to sing and praise a god 24 hours a day for eternity?  Does anyone do that here on earth?  If they could, would they?  I think not!  Who could sing hymns for two hours let alone non-stop for eternity?  I don't know anybody who does that, or wants to.

What about all the other living things (plants and animals) where do they go when they die?  How is their performance rated while they were alive?   Certainly, if you believe in creation, you must believe that they too are god's creations.

Churchgoers put in less than 2 hours once a week in services - that to them, is enough.   Can you imagine a non-stop church service for eternity?   Have these people actually thought about what a heaven might be like and if so, could they stand it?  I doubt either!  It can't possibly exist, as I don't understand how anyone would want to go to such a place.

De-segregation at it's grandest - that's heaven.  Every race, religion, and ethnic background all thrown in together and all equal in value and rights.   Ha! Ha! Ha!  Even those who claim no bigotry here on earth couldn't stand that.  That would mean, all services would have to be reduced to a common denominator.  Everything would have to be reduced to a common denominator.    You couldn't practice your religion as you see it.  That would be discrimination.  Oh yes - and every creature would participate, too - even the predators would be thrown in with the prey.

If the bible states an eye for an eye, why then is it illegal for me to steal from someone who steals from me?  Why shouldn't a parent be allowed to render a perpetrator crippled if they do so to a child?  Why can't I murder someone who murdered my loved one?  If the law of god is beyond the law of our land we should have such rights without question.  Yet, even the churches condemn such behavior while preaching the bible.

How can religious beliefs and practices be changed?  If they were correct for 2000 years as claimed, how can a human change the rules now?  (As did the Catholic leaders a few years back.)

There are too many versions of gods in varying religions.  It's a simple fact that every religion can't be correct.  With so many gods and different beliefs, they can't all be right, but they could all be wrong!

There are just too many unanswered questions for me to believe in the theory or creation.


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