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Want more dates?  Happier relationship? Consider these suggestions.

Perfume: Men and women, you should never be able to smell your own regular perfume, aftershave, cologne, or whatever, five minutes after you put it on.  If you can, you have too darn much on.  Don't you understand that your stiffer gets accustomed to odors and the more often you are exposed to an odor the less you can smell it.  If you're not taking that into consideration, you're offending those around you. (Ladies: There is a perfume that is rather expensive that some of you wear.  It smells like scented BO to most men.  I'll find the name and post it soon.  Get rid of it -- please!)

Cats and dating: What's with women and their cats?  Don't they know most men hate cats?  Wake up ladies; there is something you can do to make yourself more appealing. Don't have cats! As a matter of fact don't have any animals that run free in the house.  Animals make your home stink and cats are the worst; from their smelly food to their smelly litter box, it ain't nice.

Alcohol and smoking: Ladies, ladies, ladies -- you're not when you drink too much.  If you want a nice guy and a nice lasting relationship cut down the alcohol.  If all you care about is having a drinking buddy (probably a different one every so often), keep right on drinking, because drinking opens your mouth and out falls words that gentlemen don't want to hear from a woman.  Smoking is a sign of a very weak person.  People who smoke don't smell nice when near them. Their homes stink, their cars stink, and their clothes stink.   And, they burn things that belong to others.

Men: The same goes for you.

Relationships: Who really destroys them, men or women?  If women (like men) would make a relationship part of their life instead of all there is to live for, they'd be a lot happier.  Happy people are enjoyable to be with.

The toilet seat: The family troublemaker. What's with this thing anyway? Why can't both sexes use it properly?   There's two parts to the seat assembly, the seat and the lid; I don't think the lid was designed to be left in the open position all the time. If both sexes closed the lid when they were finished, there wouldn't be a problem in the first place. As a bonus the dog wouldn't be able to drink out of it and nothing would fall in. Here's another thing -- have you women ever tried to make the seat stay up with those covers you install on the lid? Most seats won't stay up by themselves if the lid has a cover on it. We can't bend over to hold the seat up and pee at the same time without making a mess. Besides, you know we need two hands to handle the machinery. When you think about it, the toilet was designed to be closed when not in use. That means both seat and lid returned to the down position. That way we can see that nice cover, instead of a bowl of water.

Your woman regularly go out with the girls? In my opinion, women don't go out with the girls on a regular basis just to be with the girls.  Women go out with the girls to check out the guys.  (Remember, women are shoppers.)  They aren't out at a sports bar watching a ball game or getting drunk with their buddies like men do.   Usually, they're out at a club looking to dance -- dancing is the mating ritual of humans.  Wake up before it's too late; take her dancing yourself.  Better still, don't wait to go out, dance with her in the kitchen once-in-a-while.

Your opinion, men: Women don't want your opinion unless they specifically ask for it. They want your ear and your sympathetic encouragement.  Keep your mouth shut and listen -- that's what they want, but make dammed sure you are listening.   When you think about it, men are the same.

Communication:  If you end up in counseling, the first thing you do is sit down and talk.  If you had done that in the first place, you wouldn't need the counselor.   Talk to your mate and above all -- LISTEN.  Believe what you are hearing, not what you want to hear.   When communication breaks down so does the relationship.  That goes for all relationships, personal and business.

Bitchy woman? My theory is; we men teach our women that it's O.K. to be bitchy to get what they want.  You see -- when we're young, say from our teens on, we're so dammed horny that we'll put up with anything they dish out as long as they put out.  By the time we're over that stage they're well trained and believe it's perfectly acceptable to be that way.   If we had walked away from them when they were bitchy, they would have learned a more acceptable means to get what they want.   So fellows, if you have a bitchy woman don't blame her; either you or some other guy trained her -- that it's acceptable.  :o)  May I suggest the following book? "The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands"; Dr Laura.  Wow!

Touching: The most important part of a male - female relationship.   Don't ever pass by your mate without touching.  I don't mean Bill Clinton groping.  No... Not grabbing, just a gentle touch on the arm, face, back, waist, whatever.  You have no idea how that will improve your relationship until you start doing it.

Infidelity: Ask any woman and they'll tell you; husbands cheat.  They'll tell you that very few wives would even consider cheating, but that most men do.  I ask you, who the hell is screwing all those cheating husbands if it's not cheating wives. What is there, one superwoman out there taking care of all the cheating husbands.  I think not!  First, there aren't as many cheating husbands as you women want to believe and second there's a hell-of-a-lot more women cheating than will own up to it in the surveys.  I believe it's about one-to-one.   (That ought to get me some responses.  Hehe!)   Yeah yeah yeah...  I know what you're thinking; you think that all those husbands are playing with single women.  It isn't so; most single women won't have anything to do with a married man.  The few that do are on par with the few single men that play with married women.

Here's a couple of facts that affect relationships (all kinds).

You can't talk down to people and expect to be looked up to.

You can't be a bitch by day and expect to be loved at night.


Adopting one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.

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