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Attitude isn't a small thing. It's everything!

Either you control your attitude or it will control you.

Your happiness and success in everything you do depends on it.


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Even with a Good Attitude - I have some pet peeves!

     People who can't take a hint.  Nope! There's nothing wrong with them; must be the rest of the world!

     People who don't have their wallet out ready to pay before the cashier announces the total.  Do they think that maybe it'll be free?  Are they stupid or just plain rude?  I think, to them it's a power play on holding up the line.

     People who don't have the check pre-written before the total is announced,  (reason: see above), then have to complete the stub before moving out of the way.  Are they so mentally feeble they can't fill out the stub at home, from the receipt?

     Criminals who blame their crimes on their childhood? If it were true, every person who had a problem childhood would be a criminal.

     Anybody who blames their present day actions on their childhood.

     ACLU - I don't see a dammed thing wrong with forced labor from jailbirds - Asian countries have the right idea and are profiting from it. We give our criminals a country club with bars.

     Welfare recipients working for cash, while receiving social services or unemployment benefits. Many live pretty darn good.  I say get rid of welfare and unemployment benefits until every classified job ad is gone from every newspaper in the country.

     People who complain about how much they don't have and how much they need welfare and other free assistance while smoking $20 - $30 and more each week, on cigarettes. (Not to mention the alcohol.

     Smoking, drugs, or excessive alcohol! Excessive anything!

     People who thank God for their fortune but blame the Devil for their misfortune.  Didn't God create everything?  Would that include the devil?

     People who are lazy.

     People with negative attitudes.

     Men who abuse women.

     Women who claim all men are jerks.

     Men who show no gallantry.

     Women who discard their first husband believing she's going to find someone better. (It seldom happens. What these women are doing is swapping each other's throwaways.) It's a cesspool out there ladies. You'll regret it someday; you all do.

     People who put off living this life in hopes for a better one after death.

     People who make excuses.

     People who can't accept responsibility for their actions.

     Pawn Shops that stay open all hours. To fence for the druggies.

     Pawn Shops -- other than to fence stolen property, there's hardly a use for them.

     People who don't close the toilet when through.  (Put the lid down.)

     People who lie are near the bottom of the list of anyone I want to associate with.

     I despise anyone who mistreats or neglects an animal.

Adopting one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.

Pet Peeves

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