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When invited into someone's home...........

Well, here I go again!  Another topic that I feel compelled to write about.  It's a good thing I have this web site as an outlet to vent my frustrations, otherwise my everyday social skills would suffer.

Who's teaching the young people of this world manners?  Is anybody? Are the teachers (in this case parents) not teaching them at all.  Maybe it's the parents that need to be taught.

Why is it that most people (at least the one's I know) don't show any interest in learning or improving their social skills?  Do they really believe that they know everything necessary to get along in this world? Is it too much for them to read Miss Manners' column in the newspaper on a regular basis?  I do, and I do it because I'm interested in bettering myself.  I bought her book and read it many years ago.  Would it be too much to ask parents to learn the skills necessary to properly teach their children how not to appear poorly raised?  I would never want my kids (if I had any) to appear unskilled socially. That would be a direct reflection on my manners.

Here's a few simple rules for good manners that everybody should know, but it amazes me that so few do.

   1. When entering a home wipe your feet on the mat placed outside the door.  It isn't there just for decoration.  (Confusing huh?) Always offer to remove your shoes.

   2. When using a guest bathroom, use the hand towels (paper or fabric) placed on or hung near the sink - NOT THE HANGING DECORATION TOWELS. Think about it -- what do you think that pile of cute little finger towels is for? They're for the use of the guests.  The beautiful decor-matching hanging towels are for decoration - don't touch them.

   3. Never put a glass, cup, plate, or anything on any furniture surface without a coaster or napkin, unless instructed to do so by the host or hostess.  Hold the darn thing - it won't kill you.

   4. Don't rub your hands on the furniture.  Jeez.... I see people sit on a fabric chair or sofa and rub their hands on the arms, grinding their skin oils into the fabric.  If they feel they need to rub something, rub them on your own fabric -- your pants or something.

   5. If you bring small children in a home (especially a childless home not laid-out for inquisitive fingers), keep them in sight and from touching anything.  It's not the host's or hostess' job to watch your kids.

   6. Never leave the lower level to use a bathroom upstairs unless offered by the host or hostess.

These are jut a few common manners that everyone should employ when invited into someone's home.  There are more, but if you use common courtesy and respect, you'll discover them as you go.

I highly recommend that every home contain a copy of Miss Manners' handbook, and that it is reviewed from time-to-time.   Just browse through it and pick-up on a subject; then read about it.  It won't kill you and it'll keep you from embarrassing yourself.  Remember, you can't be classy without manners, but you can be known to have class -- 'low class'.

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