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As I read about businesses ending advertising on one media show or another, I have to wonder what idiots in the corporations make these decisions.  Do they realize they’re bowing to a very minuscule number of potential customers?  Don’t they care about all those consumers who are just fine with where they advertise?  It’s hard to believe an executive within a huge national corporation is so shortsighted that he or she can’t see they’re letting a minuscule number of people make decisions for them?

If you are trying to make your company politically correct by appeasing them because you’re afraid a small group of idiots will boycott you - DON’T.  Control is all they want.  Ignore them; they’ll go away. If you don’t ignore them, you are ignoring all the rest of the consumers who are happy buying your products wherever you advertise them.  Use some common sense: appeasing a few idiots while you alienate the majority is idiotic.

I for one, will not buy any product from a company who lets a few noisy people control their decisions.  When you cut advertising on a show that I enjoy, it pisses me off that YOU let idiots affect what I enjoy.

Common sense: the result of a thought process. Think!

Joe Bottieri

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