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Here's some of my thoughts on attitudes in business.

You must have them in mind if you want success

Who do you work for?  If your answer wasn't "MYSELF", you are wrong.  We are employed by and paid by someone else, but we are all working for ourselves.  You are your own personal business.  You make it succeed or fail.  Think about it! The better you do your job the more successful you'll be. Nobody likes to pay for a lousy job.

A Company is a person or group of people performing a job for the benefit of the customer.  It's not a building, corporate name, or anything else other than the people.  Nobody just works there - you are the company.  Remove the people and there is no company.

Success increases when the company adds to its customer base.   Companies do not grow by losing and replacing customers.  Do what's in the best interest of the customer.   Either your product is right for the customer or it's junk.  There's no in-between.

Companies function on profit.  Sales without profit are a waste of time.  Your pay comes from profit.  If you want more pay - generate more profit.

There are only two ways to increase profit - increase sales or decrease expenses.  The easiest path to higher paychecks is to reduce the expenses - stop the waste. That means wasted labor, too (yours).  You're paid to work - not just to be there.

A business is like a human body.  The body will function without some parts or with replacement parts, but remove the brain and the body dies.  The brain (owner, president, CEO, etc.), is the most important part and that's why the highest paid.

Many employees have the attitude that they are smarter than the boss.  If that were true - they would be the bosses.  The employees seldom understand all the factors that went into the boss's decision.

Bosses don't harass good employees.  If you feel you're being picked on - it's you who has a problem.  If the boss is picking on you it's because you're a jerk and he's trying to straighten you out or run you off.

Do what the boss tells you to do without an argument or excuse.   You're going to have to do it sooner or later, why make it rough on the both of you?  (Only if the job will endanger you or someone else should you refuse to do it, and you should explain carefully why you feel that way.) 

Successful people always find a way.  Losers always find and excuse!

Full time business..... that's full time people!  Be there everyday, every minute!  If you weren't needed they wouldn't have hired you!

Work hours mean just that! They are not arrival and departure times.

Unions protect the weak, lazy, and incompetent.  Are you doing your best or do you need a union?

Affirmative Action... our government-controlled national union-like program, practicing discrimination. 


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