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Now here’s a word that will make money for you.  If you’re enthusiastic you’ll be at the top of the short list – always! The reason; enthusiastic people hardly ever have a negative attitude. 

Years ago when I wasn’t getting anywhere, I took several Dale Carnegie classes.  One of the mottos there is: Act Enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic! It’s that simple!  If you want to have more and better opportunities offered to you in life follow that simple rule.  It works – it turned my life around. 

Shortly after completing those classes, I was given a job that would have gone to someone else had my attitude not be turned positive.  (Up until then, I had a very bad attitude and almost got fired. That’s why I took the Dale Carnegie self-help class.) 

Act Enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic, and automatically your attitude will be positive, because you can’t be enthusiastic about something and have a bad or negative attitude towards it.

Enthusiastic people are fun to be around because they have a good attitude.  People with negative attitudes are not enjoyable to be around and will be avoided. 

Do you want to be avoided when the next good job comes around?

Practice being enthusiastic!  It works!

Joe Bottieri


Posted 9/8/2008


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