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Getting it done! 

Whenever there's a discussion about how to accomplish something, the statements "there's more than one way to do things" and "just because I didn't do it your way doesn't mean it's wrong", always seem to come up.  Okay, I'll buy that!  There usually is more than one way to do things.  In fact; there's nine (9) ways that I can think of to do anything.

                    1.     The easy way

                    2.     The hard way

                    3.     The sloppy way

                    4.     The neat way

                    5.     The efficient way

                    6.     The inefficient way

                    7.     The half-ass way

                    8.     The wrong way

                    9.     The correct way

How do you accomplish things?  Do you always look for a better more efficient way to do things right?  If you don't you should, and if someone is suggesting an alternate way - listen!  You might learn something.  Or, are you one of those people that believe any another way is just too hard. It usually is the first time because you have to use your brain to re-learn it.  It amazes me why some people hate to use their brain.

If you can't do it the correct way! Find someone who can!

Do it right

Adopting one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.

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