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Attitude isn't a small thing. It's everything!

Either you control your attitude or it will control you.

Your happiness and success in everything you do depends on it.


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Here's my theory on why some people are always broke?


Remember... busy is a nice word for lazy!


"I'm too busy", is not always truthful.  What you really mean is:

I don't have time, because I'm doing something else that I'd rather be doing.


Successful people didn't get there by luck.  It took effort!

You'll find, the harder you work - the luckier you get!


Make your job fun.  We don't always have a job that we really enjoy doing, but we can always make it fun to do.   Challenge yourself constantly to do better in every area, including but not limited to getting along with your fellow workers.  Always remember, it's your future that you're working towards.  You are only working for yourself no matter who employs you, no matter what you end up doing with the money.

I don't mean to say that brut force hard physical work will make you successful. 

It's your brain that will make you successful. Make it work first.





Adopting one animal won't change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.

Always Broke?

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