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The protests are all about racism.  Okay, I understand that.

What are the riots, destruction and looting about?  They are acts of racism.

The demonstrators feel whites are racist.  Aren’t they guilty of racism when they blame all whites for something one white man did; or all police because of something one did?  Isn’t that exactly the definition of a racist?

Looting and destroying businesses and property while screaming racist are acts of racism.

Just when businesses were investing in the depressed areas of this country, at the encouragement of President Trump, small-minded people prove once again that bringing jobs into those areas is a bad idea.  The residents there can’t be trusted around enterprise.

What you rioters have accomplished with your brutality is to set the minority neighborhoods backwards a decade or two, and further depressed the reputation of groups as seen on the streets rioting and looting.  That is no way to get respect or empathy for your cause.  How dumb can you be?

Anyone who wants respect has to first be respectful.  Reputations are earned - not assigned.  Earn some respect, instead of demanding it.

I read where some black mothers complain they have to teach their sons how to behave around police.  Yes, they teach them to respect the police. They should also try teaching them to respect other people and property.  And, how about teaching them all to have a good attitude?  Ah, but first you must have a good attitude yourself. Stop believing you always get the crappy end of the stick.  You are where you are in life because of the decisions you made along the way.  You got the wrong end of the stick because that's the end you decided to pick up.  That goes for every one of every race.  Stop blaming others for your bad decisions in life.

I’ve seen and heard so many times of people complaining about they can't get a break.  You make your own breaks, by going to school and doing your best instead of screwing off.  You make your own breaks by having a positive attitude. You make your own breaks by actually working when you get a job, rather than believing that your only obligation is to show up.

I  could go on and on about why things are the way they are in this country today as compare to the past.  The personality of the USA has changed as the population has changed.  It's no secret that most of the social problems are in the areas that are depressed.   Those areas weren't built depressed. They were turned into depressed areas by the people who live there, due to over-population, a lack of jobs and a lot of laziness.  When jobs do move into those areas, the businesses are robbed and destroyed by the very people they could be supporting.

It would do a ton of good to show some pride by cleaning up (yes washing and scrubbing) and taking care of the building, sidewalks, apartments, the entire neighborhood, etc. entrusted to you.  You want respect and compassion, show you care.  

As with any situation; you keep giving the other party what they want and they will never stop wanting more.  What they call help, is what others call a handout.  Make them earn it and they’ll learn to appreciate it.  Only then will ‘everyone’ understand both sides.

Of course that will never happen, because the Democrats want to keep the blacks depressed so they can buy their votes with handouts. Don’t believe me? Look at the depressed areas of this country; they are and have been, governed by Democrats for Decades.  If they really mean that they want to change things, they would have done it by now.  Don't believe them - they don't and they won't!

Joe Bottieri

Protests vs Riots

June 2020

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