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Get Trump out of office

The Democrats/Liberals want Trump out of office. They say he’s not qualified for the job.  They believe he’s not qualified because someone said that. They can't explain why he's not qualified OR why someone else is.

When I see demonstrators on TV against Trump, its always a group of people who are wanting something for free.  Something that would only benefit them.  It’s never about whats good for the country.

At the colleges where they hate Trump, its a group of students who can’t say why they want Trump out of office, but they can say they want free tuition and want their college loans cancelled. Something someone other than Trump is promising to give them, that will never happen.

When its demonstrators in the streets claiming they hate Trump, they don’t say why they hate him. What they do say is they want a lot of stuff (mostly free) that will benefit them exclusively. Things the Democrats promise.  Ie: Open borders, free medical for illegals, non-enforcement of immigration laws, more hand-outs, etc. To me, most of them look like Hispanics - the illegals themselves or in the least friends and relatives.

The Democrat politicians who want Trump out of office and the talking heads in the liberal media who claim Trump is a bad person and shouldn’t be President, can’t show any real reason other than they don’t like him.  If you ask them about anything they don’t like about Trump, it’s always something like “he’s not qualified”.  Well, if he’s not qualified how the hell did he do such a good job so far?

Most Democrats, when asked why they don’t like Trump, just repeat something they heard on TV, like The View show, who’s talking heads can’t really tell you why Trump isn’t qualified for the job, but simply ‘they don’t like how he’s doing it’.

Fact is: They are jealous and embarrassed that one person can accomplish more in three years than they as a whole group have EVER been able to accomplish.  Further, it’s all about power which equates to enormous amounts of money to be made. Do some research: Every one of them leave office with an increase of net worth that far exceeds their salary while in office.

How did a guy like Joe Biden get so wealthy as a full time politician?  How about Obama? How about the Clintons? How about Bernie Sanders, who never did anything in his life but be a politician?  How did he make so much money while campaigning last time? He doesn’t own a business and hasn’t a clue on how to run one, but his net worth grew into millions while campaigning.

If people understood what really goes on within the political swamp, they’d be extremely grateful to have Donald Trump as president and would help rather than hinder his efforts to right this ship we all love, the USA.

Joe Bottieri


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