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Let's get the facts straight for once:

The ratio of unarmed men killed by police in the USA is about 50/50 black and whites.  That’s a fact! Look it up.  While the liberal media promotes that the numbers are disproportional based on the number of blacks vs. whites in this country, what they aren’t telling you is that blacks conduct a disproportional amount of criminal activity.  The same reason why the number of blacks vs whites in jail is disproportional to the population.

Why does the media promote misleading information?  Because they know that’s what their liberal audience want’s to hear.  That’s how they make themselves look good on TV. They don’t give a crap about what that misinformation does to our country, all they care about is themselves. To them it’s fuel for their careers!  It gives them something to ‘grandstand’ about.

Fact is: proportionally more blacks are killed by police and more blacks are in jail because blacks commit crimes disproportionally to their numbers in the population.

Police are the only thing standing between us and Martial law.  The destruction of our police protection is just what the Liberal Democrats want.  If they get elected it will be their excuse to use Marshal Law and turn our country into a shit-hole like Venezuela or any of those middle-Eastern countries where some of them came from.

There is no question that what happened to George Floyd was inexcusable and probably wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t black.  However, it is ludicrous and idiotic to trample our country because of it.  Condemning all police for something one did is racist and so is blaming all whites for what one white man did is also racist. So, don’t tell me that whites are the racists in this country.  Over and over blacks AND Hispanics have proven to be more racist than whites.  And BTW, the ex-racist president Obama should stop fueling the problem.  He exacerbated the racial problems in this country for eight years and continues to this day.

You want respect - earn it!  You won’t get it by demanding it.

Joe Bottieri

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George Floyd Killing

June 2020

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