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My name is Joe Bottieri

I'm the author of most of everything contained in this website.

Here's my background; where I got the subject matter and experience for this section.

Beginning 1958 - Aaron Heitin Lincoln Mercury: car washer to service director

Miami Lincoln Mercury: shop foreman to service manager

Bill Ussery Mercedes Benz: Service director

Kleen Wheels: Inventor, business owner, manufacturer and marketing

Au-Tomotive Gold: business Originator, auto accessory designer, manufacturer, and marketing

Pevost-Stuff.com: Web business Originator and marketing

AutoStuff.com: Web business Originator and marketing

AutoAttire.com: Web business Originator and marketing

Present - Charter-All, Inc. Business owner, Real Estate, property management, and leasing

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First to color the faring and saddle bags on Harley Davidsons

     Circa mid-1970s: Miami Florida

Joe purchased a new full dress H-D motorcycle. The fenders and fuel tank were silver grey, but the saddle bags and faring were white. White was the only color available no matter what color the bike was.  I had our body shop paint mine to match. When the HD dealer (Phil Peterson) saw the bike all painted to match he was impressed and took a photo that he sent to HD headquarters and the rest is history.  Since then all farings and saddle bags are colored to match the rest of the bike.

First to put gold on cars.

     Circa 1978: Braman Cadillac Miami Florida

Braman Cadillac introduced a Gucci version of a Cadillac model.  I was service director there during that time (only for a few months). Mr. Gucci and the team were trying to come up with an idea to embellish the design.  It was my idea to gold plate the insignias and other trim, which they did.  It wasn’t too long after that gold logos appeared on many vehicles almost to a frenzy until around 2009.

First to offer black chrome on cars


     Circa 1980: Miami Florida

While operating Kleen Wheels, Joe introduced a line of custom door edge guards for M-B and BMW vehicle in black chrome.  Black door edge guards are available for most all vehicles today in plastic.

First to put branded logos on RV mud flaps

     Circa 2001: Tampa RV Super Show

A friend bought a new Safari motorhome that had a plain black mud flap across the back underside of the vehicle.  Joe’s company custom laser-cut a polished stainless steel piece the length of the mud flap with the logo and name, and added it to the mud flap during the RV Super Show.  It wasn’t long after; the manufacturers picked up on the idea and made them standard on their vehicles.

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