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Attitude isn't a small thing. It's everything!

Either you control your attitude or it will control you.

Your happiness and success in everything you do depends on it.


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This web site is a compilation of my personal thoughts on business, work ethics, attitudes, manners, morals, taxes, RVs and camping, relationships, equal rights, comics, religion, etc.  Someday I'll put it all into book form and sell it.  You can view it here right now, for free. It also contains some info on the careers of Joe Bottieri, as an auto accessory inventor and gives links to other web sites that display hitch hole cover plates.

I received several comments regarding the blunt manner in which I express the opinions and observations you'll find in this web site. Some say I should cover my comments with sugar to make them easier to swallow. I disagree! In my 40 odd years of management, I have found that most people can't take a hint with regard to their performance, personality flaws, and faults. In most every case, I've had to be blunt to the level of insulting, to make the person understand that there is a problem and that the problem isn't the rest of the world (as so many people believe). My intention here is to help people recognize their own very basic, but common faults. If this site makes you think, I am happy; if it makes you take action, I'm ecstatic.

However, my nephew's words evaluate the site and say it better than I could. He writes: "Many people may mistake well thought, confident opinions as offensive positions. In fact, some may even misunderstand a well-meaning individual who states opinion and fact in the same clear direct manner, because he is accustomed to honest communication. It doesn't matter what the venue he communicates through; the message is always the same, truth as he sees it. To the unsure or insecure, everything has to be padded and framed the right way so nobody is offended. Why? Because they can't handle the truth themselves. Well truth is truth, and brutal honesty can be refreshing, albeit sometimes painful." 

I am not picking on or putting down anybody!  I am poking fun in an "Andy Rooney" sort of way, at common human flaws.  Keep that in mind while you read on.

So as not to waste your time, this site is designed to load pages and get to the point quickly.

In addition you'll find some info on traveling in my Prevost bus converted by Marathon (and the many others since 1974).  The bus is named GRIZZ and has murals of bears on the back and sides.  I've upgraded this motor home with many bus accessories that I invented to dress up Prevost buses.  You can find them on the RV photos page, should you like to see them. All of the license plates, frames, key chains and other auto accessories I've designed over the years are available at AutoStuff.com. In general there's lots of auto stuff there to buy as auto gifts - auto accessories.

There's lots of pages in this Bottieri web site.  Most can be accessed through the Index page which is where you'll go from here.  The rest through the navigation links at the left side of the pages, or from the hyperlinks conveniently placed in the text.  

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