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Joe Bottieri


Why electric vehicles are not a worthwhile idea!

Friday, April 15, 2022 5:36 AM

Internal combustion diesel engines built and sold in the USA since 2010 don’t pollute the air in a manner exaggerated by doomsday climatologists. By design, these engines contain exhaust scrubbers for processing expended diesel fuel, turning harmful gasses to air and water.

Gasoline engines, since the introduction of the catalytic convertor in 1975, have cut harmful vehicle emissions by 90 percent.

Additionally, older model vehicles will be gone long before EVs replace all internal combustion powered vehicles, making their prominence far less impactful relative to vehicles with exhaust scrubbers and catalytic converters.

What promoters of electric vehicles fail to acknowledge is the pollution created by power generating facilities required to produce EVs will exceed that created by diesel and gasoline engines. It will be a colossal waste of money and a step backward in the gains made to improve the atmosphere.

If allowed to continue down the “natural course”, pre-scrubber and pre-catalytic converter engines will exceed their useful lives and be replaced by environmentally friendly engines far sooner than EVs are in sufficient supply to replace them. This sequence of succession will accomplish the goal of pollution free vehicles without disrupting the infrastructure and without wasting hundreds of billions of dollars.

A little common sense would go a long way on this matter.

One final thought… fossil fuel burners that pollute the air include older cars, trucks, and buses, power plants and factories, farm tractors, and home gardening equipment. If we really want to make an improvement in air quality, this is where our efforts should be focused.

Ultimately, no matter what the USA does, unless every country takes similar actions, it won’t change the global warming situation.