Research FIRST

Know the facts

Do the research. Don't vote for a familiar name or by ethnicity or race. Vote by qualification, as you would for any employee placement. Likability shouldn't be the reason you vote for anyone.

NOTE: much of the content was NOT written by me. Credit is noted when the originator is known.

Joe Bottieri


Let’s tell it like it is!

Sunday, December 5, 2021 10:17 AM

Face the facts! You’re being manipulated.

Climate Change = a profitable name for the earth’s natural evolution

High crime areas = areas of high minority population

Low crime area = areas of high white population

Ghetto = a once new neighborhood turned into a slum by those who live there

Racist = what they call people who tell the truth about why our country is deteriorating

This country will never be as nice as it was a few decades ago BECAUSE THE POPULATION DEMOGRAPHICS HAVE CHANGED. And they will continue to change through illegal immigration and careless reproduction; turning this country into a shit-hole country like the countries many degenerate low-life-morons came from over the past 50 years.

The politicians love it, because the more the people breed themselves stupid, the easier they are to control.

The USA as we knew it, is gone never to return.

Joe Bottieri