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Do the research. Don't vote for a familiar name or by ethnicity or race. Vote by qualification, as you would for any employee placement. Likability shouldn't be the reason you vote for anyone.

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Joe Bottieri


US Government is the worlds largest business

Friday, October 8, 2021 6:38 AM

Why do we hire a president who has no business experience to run the worlds largest business? You wouldn’t do that in any business without catastraphic results.

While the government is a not-for-profit business, like any business, it cannot continue be run in the red without ending up bankrupt.

The monthly interest cost to cover the debt we owe is about $40 Billion at this time when interest rates are near zero.  When the interest rates go up to 4%, our monthly debt service will be $160 Billion a month.  That means we will have to borrow more and more and raise everyone’s taxes way beyond what is fair.  We take in about $400 Billion a month and spend almost twice that.  You do the math!  It is unsustainable to keep borrowing to give the hand-outs to freeloader residents and foreign countries.  There is no way we can pay off the amount of debt we owe. There is no way we can tax our way out of it, either.

Joe Bottieri, 10/11/2021

“You see, failure to raise the debt ceiling is actually about defaulting on future obligations, not the current ones. It means you can’t buy anything else. You can’t spend more. So goodbye, radical infrastructure bill. Goodbye Biden spending free-for-all,” he said during his show Stinchfield“. The admission that the default threat is fake news is even buried in the White House’s own website. I found this today on it: ‘Once the debt limit is hit the federal government cannot increase the amount of outstanding debt. Therefore it can only draw from any cash on hand and spend its incoming revenues.’”

Newsmax’s, Stinchfield