Research FIRST

Know the facts

Do the research. Don't vote for a familiar name or by ethnicity or race. Vote by qualification, as you would for any employee placement. Likability shouldn't be the reason you vote for anyone.

NOTE: much of the content was NOT written by me. Credit is noted when the originator is known.

Joe Bottieri


Most politicians Lie Lie Lie!

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 11:55 AM

It’s a felony to lie to Congress and the FBI. Why is it not a crime for them to lie to the us? It should be!

Obama is on the campaign trail telling bold-face lies trying to help a dishonest candidate get elected. He never did tell the truth about anything. Not even about his black father or about his privilaged upbringing and education. While Obama is lying to the voters of VA, one has to wonder if he would want his kids going to a public schoold there under Democratic control.

Biden has no idea what the truth is on any subject.  He doesn’t even know the truth about how his relationship with his wife started.

Pelosi and Schumer are pathological liars!

The man other politicians lie about is the most truthful of them all - Trump!  Trump told the truth and it was costing members of congress their side income, so they set out to get rid of him. All the Democrats and the Liberal media want to destroy Trump in an attempt to make it impossible for him to get elected again.  That effort was started even before he was elected.  He’s too honest for them.  They all wanted dishonest Hillary. She would have made it easy for underhanded deals.

Small-minded incompetent people never want anyone around them who is smarter.  That is totally the opposite of good management.  A successful manager will always find the best qualified to fill a job. 

Vote for the person who will do the best job, and ignore the personality.  “Nice guys don’t win the ball game”! That is a very old saying, but it’s still true.

Joe Bottieri