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Know the facts

Do the research. Don't vote for a familiar name or by ethnicity or race. Vote by qualification, as you would for any employee placement. Likability shouldn't be the reason you vote for anyone.

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Joe Bottieri


Money, Money, Money! It’s all about the money.

Saturday, October 30, 2021 4:39 PM

If you do the research, you’ll find the Vaccine was and is pushed for investment gains. Big Pharma stood to make Billions on a vaccine IF THE PUBLIC WAS FORCED TO TAKE IT. And that’s what our politicians and others in positions of authority in government did. They talked down the inexpensive legacy drugs already on the market that (research shows) would have saved 80 to 85 percent of those who died from Covid. Why? Because they stood to make huge amounts of money from stock investments in the pharmaceutical companies, and in huge political donations from those companies.

It would be interesting to know the list of pharmaceutical stockholders in Congress and their families and when they bought the shares.

Fact is: there were and are several medications on the market what if administered early in the Covid stages lives would have been saved. And, if they were actively used today, taking the vaccine wouldn’t be necessary. See Dr. Harvy Risch interview linked below.

We were lied to again! Again!