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Joe Bottieri


Do you have any idea what you are eating. I think not!

Monday, October 18, 2021 2:04 PM

As I dig around looking for sneaky political decisions, I find myself looking at the food industry. There are four major commercial food suppliers in the country and they lobby heavily with the politicians for changes or new laws that will benefit them financially (and the politicians, too).

Berries and veggies just haven’t been tasting very good lately so I want digging. A very large amount is coming from outside our country. Even though the package states “Product of the USA”. More often than not – THAT IS A LIE. It seems our dishonest ‘out-for-a-buck politicians and government employees’ have changed the rules at the USDA. They removed the requirement that food has to ACTUALLY be grown here in the USA to wear the title of Product of the USA. The big corporations can make the decision on how to make their products as they feel like.

Please read this article explaining it. 

USDA admits it may be misleading consumers with ‘Product of USA’ labeling

So, since my taste buds still work well and I know the Strawberries I’ve been getting at Publix lately taste awful, I dug some more. The package states Driscles. “Product of the USA”, but Strawberries don’t grow in the USA these months. I found they come from Mexico, but are still packaged as Product of the USA. Mexico fertilizes with raw human sewerage. Here’s an article about how pissed-off the Mexican farmers are about a the building of a sewerage plant that might interfere with their access to RAW HUMAN SEWERAGE and they will when farming near cities, have to use processed human sewerage. It’s still sewerage - urine and defication and other stuff that goes down the toilet and all other drains.

I’m not fooling around here. According to this article, we are eating fruits and vegetables fertilized with raw human sewerage right out of the sewer pipes. 

Read here: Mexico, fears a new plant will kill wastewater (sewerage) farming  You are what you eat and that goes for plants too!

Further: If we are paying extra for Organic produce, what is the difference? Human waste is as organic as anything, so it seem Organic produce from Mexico is a scam.

As it stands now, there is no ’truth in labeling’ requirement when it comes to where the food originated.  Other sneaky businesses mark their products with ‘Distributed by Walmart', (or other). Which should be a red flag that they don’t want you to know where it came from.

This is all the result of the greedy corporations paying off the greedy politicians who, instead of protecting us with sensible laws and rules, they are only interested in protecting their reelection funds donations.

Joe Bottieri