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Know the facts

Do the research. Don't vote for a familiar name or by ethnicity or race. Vote by qualification, as you would for any employee placement. Likability shouldn't be the reason you vote for anyone.

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Joe Bottieri


The media!

Saturday, June 20, 2020 2:10 PM


It’s simple!

When it comes to politics:

What you see and hear on CNN is entertainment based in negativity

What you see and hear on MSNBC is based in negativity with a Gates Foundation agenda

What you hear on FOX is news – good and bad

Who watches which channels?

From my observation:

CNN audience is usually Democrats who believe they haven’t gotten what they deserve in life and therefore generally have a negative attitude. They love watching and listening to nasty people.  It makes them feel good. They believe it all because they WANT it to be true. They hate all Conservatives. They hate President Trump. They can’t explain why they hate him, but they know they should because everyone on CNN does.

MSNBC audience is pretty much the same as CNN, but not quite as negative. They believe whatever they hear on TV without question, which is pretty much how they go through life! They dislike Conservatives policies and hate President Trump. They can’t tell you why they hate him, but they know they should because MSNBC says he’s a bad President.  They can’t explain why he’s a bad president, but that doesn’t matter to this audience.

FOX listeners want to hear the truth. They question what is being said and consider the source, evaluating in their mind why that person is making the statement. Then the listener decides if they agree with it or not. FOX listeners understand why President Trump is doing a good job and they ‘can’ explain it.

There is a list of contacts on my computer. (Business acquaintances, Friends and Relatives) I could go through the entire list and predict with some accuracy, which cable news channel they each watch.  It’s all about attitude!

Which channel you watch says a lot about you?

I believe: No one should unquestionably believe what they hear. It takes common sense to evaluate what a person is saying.  Common sense is the result of a thought process.  THINK about what you just heard. Consider the source and possible agenda of that source.  Are they trying to convince you something is one way when it’s not?  Run all that through your mind for a few minutes thinking about all the angles of the story. See if you still believe it.  That’s how I watch the news.

The same thing goes for printed stories.  Read the whole story! Don’t assume the implication of the headline is the truth.  The person writing that story may have a hidden agenda and intentionally made the headline misleading. The writer knows most people won’t read the whole article.

You should know there are three people on TV with the most common sense I’ve ever witnessed. Tucker Carlson 8pm east coast time, nightly – Mark Levin 8pm east coast time Sunday night, and Steve Hilton 9pm east coast time Sunday night, all on FOX News. Their only agenda is for you to know the truth.  No spin, no lies, only the facts!  Don’t be an Ostrich.  Pull your head out of the sand and watch one or more of them with an open mind. See the news presented truthfully without bias.