Research FIRST

Know the facts

Do the research. Don't vote for a familiar name or by ethnicity or race. Vote by qualification, as you would for any employee placement. Likability shouldn't be the reason you vote for anyone.

NOTE: much of the content was NOT written by me. Credit is noted when the originator is known.

Joe Bottieri


Thank you President Trump!

Sunday, November 15, 2020 4:55 PM

My dear President Trump:

We conservative Intelligent people love and respect you more than you could ever imagine. Everything you have done since taking the office and all the sacrifices you have made for us are admirable and we will appreciate it for eternity. Unfortunately, way too many people including blacks and other minorities as well as misinformed and misguided voters (legal or not) don't want prosperity.  They aren’t voting for jobs. They want free stuff!  

You see, that's how Democrats continue to win elections. They promise free stuff. They promise a free ride. They promise more free stuff so their constituents will believe things will be better for them if they just vote for a Democrat one more time.  They have been pulling this trick on the people for decades.  It's simple: you promised jobs and prosperity and Biden promised free stuff. Case closed!

I am heartbroken for you and sick about this election.  We know what happened and you were correct all along because you knew what the Dems were up to. Unfortunately, most people aren’t as smart as you and therefore could not foresee what was truly going on.

Thank you for your unselfish dedication and for everything you have done for every REAL American.  We will never know how any man could be so strong as to put up with what you had to endure for years. You, and your family are amazing.  We will never forget the sacrifices you made! You will go down in history as one of the greatest!

Thank you!